The convenient single-character symbol adopted by the community around the Dogecoin digital currency is:

Ð (you can just copy+paste that if you’re in a hurry!)

On Windows

On a Windows PC with a full-size keyboard, you can summon that symbol by:
Holding down ALT, then typing 0208 on the number-pad.

(No number pad? Run Character Map and put “eth” in the “Search for:” box. Because technically, that character is the upper-case version of a letter called “eth”!)

On Mac OSX

Someone else has written up one way you can summon it on Mac OSX.

On Linux

I am reliably informed by two different Redditors (u/radical_pi and u/mullahnasruddin - thanks both!) that these are the steps for getting to Ð on Linux, but I have not had chance to try them yet:

On iPhone / iPad

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Press + to add a shortcut. Copy and paste the Ð symbol and define your own shortcut (I use doge$). Then just type your shortcut and it subs the symbol in.

BONUS: If you have your Mac and iPhone linked to iCloud, the shortcuts also work on your Mac.

(Thanks to marfarama for this one)

On Android

If you’re using the stock-standard Google Keyboard, you can add the Icelandic language option, switch to that (either with the language-switch key if you have that turned on in Advanced Settings, or with the “Choose input method” item in the Notifications tray when you’re typing), make sure you’re typing in UPPERCASE and then long-press “D” to access “Д. Then, switch back to your normal language.

If you use Swiftkey: Download the Icelandic (“Íslenska”) language in Swiftkey, make sure it is enabled, then you can reach “Д by long-pressing D. However, this will make Swiftkey think you are bilingual and cause it to auto-suggest words in Icelandic as well as your normal language!

(If you end up with “ð” instead, you need to make sure to hit Shift. Ð is an upper-case ð.)

Personally, I am going to stick with using the Google Keyboard Icelandic-language option when I need to Ð on the go, as it’s pretty easy to switch from my normal Swiftkey over to Google-Icelandic and back.

This older Reddit thread may also have useful info on the entire subject.

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